Sell or Consign Your Handbag



At Hebster Boutique, we are always looking for handbags and shoes. We offer both consignment and buyout options to give you what you are looking for and to find new homes for your treasures! 

Our popular items do not last, so if you are iffy about consignment, rest assured that we reach a worldwide market so your items will not just sit there collecting dust! 

Consignment is a very simple process - our rate is only 30% of the sale price - this is the lowest seller rate you will find! We guarantee it!

Consignment/Buyout Procedure:

  1. Complete our super easy online Consignment/Buyout Form and submit for assessment
  2. Sign the Consignment/Buyout Agreement
  3. Sell your items and get paid!

It really is that simple, because we do all the work on your behalf!